About SIL

SIL is a global, faith-based nonprofit that works with local communities around the world to develop language solutions that expand possibilities for a better life. As of 2020, we are involved in approximately 1,350 active language projects in 104 countries. These projects impact more than 1.1 billion people within 1,600 local communities. SIL’s work brings together more than 4,300 staff from 89 countries who work alongside thousands more local partners and community volunteers worldwide. Explore Why Languages Matter as you consider whether applying for a job with SIL is a good fit for you.

Our Vision

Inspired by God’s love, we advocate, build capacity, and work with local communities to apply language expertise that advances meaningful development, education, and engagement with Scripture.

We long to see people flourishing in community using the languages they know best.

Our Values

Our faith inspires and informs our commitment to expand possibilities for people to thrive. We believe all people are created by God and given language as a means for flourishing. Through language, we understand who we are, experience relationships and explore life’s most important questions.

As followers of Jesus, we believe:

  • All people are important. That’s why we care about all languages that people speak or sign.
  • Relationship with God is precious. That’s why we pray, love the Bible and support its translation so others can have the same opportunities to know God better.
  • All aspects of a person’s life matter. That’s why we work toward language solutions that advance learning, health, justice, reconciliation and spiritual growth.