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Instructional Designer
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We are seeking full time and volunteer professional Instructional Designers. Use your teaching skills and creativity to provide a quality curriculum in language technology use for language development and Bible translation personnel. Help the Language Technology Department ensure that end users follow best practice methods in their use of software and are learning to work efficiently.

An Instructional Designer is responsible for developing learning objectives, writing training scripts, and creating online courses to train users effectively and test their knowledge. They will interact with users to learn about their difficulties, determine which videos and materials are needed most, and manage a plan to produce them. They will also develop learning objectives based on research on user tasks and which tools best help accomplish them.

Job Description


Major Responsibilities:

  • Define and document learning objectives
  • Conduct research and collaborate with subject experts
  • Create instructional material: courses, curriculum, and training manuals
  • Design content to optimize learning
  • Create visual, audio, and interactive learning tools
  • Meet with Language Technology staff and field personnel to understand their training needs
  • Participate as an integral and enthusiastic part of the team, exhibiting ownership, follow-through, initiative, awareness, and effective communication with peers and management

Minor Responsibilities:

  • Participate in regular project status, planning, partnership, and strategic meetings
  • Be available to travel to meet with the larger department team at least once per year
  • Be available to travel biannually to the Language Technology Conference
  • Participate in professional conferences and meetings

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • A servant heart attitude
  • Demonstrated experience in training and teaching
  • Demonstrated experience with designing lesson plans or other instructional content
  • Creativity, adaptability and the ability to work collaboratively with a team
  • Good interpersonal skills of communication
  • Good organizational skills
  • The ability to make decisions in a timely manner
  • The ability to generate multiple solutions to the problem
  • The ability to quickly pick up technical concepts
  • The ability to work both with a team and independently, and to multitask effectively

Education and Experience:

Instructional Designers should have experience designing lesson plans and other instructional content. Bachelor's degree in instructional design, academic technology, or curriculum management, or equivalent work experience is preferred, but we care more for a heart and mind that are always learning. Use of Learning that Lasts or similar principles will be important for a successful training approach.

Training and Orientation:

Will complete the initial IT Software Department training program and relevant portions of IT Orientation.

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Instructional Designer
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