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Special Projects Coordinator
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We are seeking full-time and volunteer professional Special Projects Coordinators to take the lead on unique projects that don’t fit within the normal organizational structure and roadmaps. Focused on project management, strategic alignment, and implementation support for key organizational projects and initiatives as prioritized and assigned by a Director.

A Special Projects Coordinator oversees unique projects as assigned. Among their responsibilities include managing staff and timelines, setting objectives and guidelines, monitoring the progress of projects, seeking feedback from the user community and stakeholders, and producing progress reports for the leadership team. They will often collaborate with other teams and departments when their project crosses the organizational structure.

Job Description


Major Responsibilities

  • Discover what stakeholder need by conducting research and unveiling critical insights
  • Create the project’s long-term vision and strategy
  • Design, develop, and deploy programs and services as assigned
  • Champion the team, partners, and user community to ensure alignment around overall strategy and direction of the project
  • Work with Director on yearly roadmap, budget, and funding proposals
  • Provide quarterly reports and requested metrics to Language Technology Leadership

Minor Responsibilities

  • Participate in regular project status, planning, partnership, and strategic meetings
  • Report any hardware and software needs to the Director
  • Be available to travel to meet with the project teams at least once per year
  • Be available to travel biennially to the Language Technology Conference
  • Participate in professional conferences and meetings

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • A servant heart attitude
  • Demonstrated project management skills
  • Demonstrated passion for understanding and resolving complex user-needs into project priorities
  • Good interpersonal skills of communication
  • Good organizational skills
  • The ability to make decisions in a timely manner
  • The ability to generate/analyze multiple solutions to a problem
  • The ability to quickly pick up technical concepts
  • The ability to work both with a team and independently, and to multitask effectively

Education and Experience:

Special Project Coordinators should have a breadth of experience in technology and project management. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business, communications, computer science, or equivalent work experience is preferred, but we care more for a heart and mind that are always learning.

Training and Orientation:

Will complete the initial IT Software Department training program and relevant portions of IT Orientation.

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Special Projects Coordinator
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