Requisition ID R12699 · Begins 11/27/2023

NLP Researcher
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We are seeking full-time and volunteer professional researchers with Natural Language Processing experience. This position would work directly with our Scripture Forge product team. This position will be responsible for investigating key areas of interest for the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Bible translation. A key responsibility will be the review and prioritization of recent NLP advances in tools and methods for applying NLP to various aspects of Bible translation for low-resource languages such as translation suggestions, spell checking, part-of-speech / named entity recognizers, etc. The candidate will be familiar with state of the art Deep Learning tools, frameworks, and methodologies. The NLP researcher in this role will work alongside the existing SIL NLP team and assist them in their efforts to incubate new applications of NLP technology in the context of Bible translation. The NLP researcher will be aware of the key initiatives being pursued by the NLP team, and will support them by investigating, prioritizing, and summarizing the most promising new tools and methods for advancing these initiatives.

Job Description


Major Responsibilities

  • To review, understand and distill technical publications in the areas of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Able to experiment with NLP tools and frameworks
  • Support leadership with interpreted data and reports
  • Identify trends and patterns
  • Deliver presentations and communicate effectively at all levels

Minor Responsibilities

  • Participate as an integral and enthusiastic part of the team, exhibiting ownership, follow-through, initiative, awareness, and effective communication with peers and management

  • Work with the team around a cohesive product roadmap

  • Write technical reference documentation for the new software

  • Participate in regular project status, planning, partnership, and strategic meetings

  • Be available to travel to meet with the larger development team at least once per year

  • Be available to travel biennially to the Language Technology Conference

  • Participate in professional conferences and meetings

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • A servant heart attitude

  • Comfortable working on complex, loosely defined, and challenging objectives

  • Good interpersonal skills of communication

  • Good organizational skills

  • The ability to make decisions in a timely manner

  • The ability to quickly pick up technical concepts

  • The ability to work both with a team and independently, and to multitask effectively

Education and Experience

NLP Researcher should have experience in multi-angled research processes. A good understanding of the software development lifecycle and natural language processing. Preferred experience includes: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in/or equivalent experience in a technical research field. Sound understanding of research methodologies. Familiarity with current NLP benchmarks and metrics (BLEU, SQUAD, GLUE, etc). Familiarity with best practices, tools and methods for Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). Experience with Python programming and Python tooling for data science and Machine Learning (pandas, matplotlib, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, etc). Experience with cloud computing environments (AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, or similar).

Training and Orientation

Will complete the initial IT Software Department training program and relevant portions of IT Orientation.

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NLP Researcher
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