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DevOps Engineer
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DevOps is a philosophy or framework that focuses on quality and agility. It is a blending of development, operations, quality assurance, and the business to create an ever evolving and continually improving set of systems and processes to increase agility and quality of product.

We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer who can help facilitate and drive continuous improvements in our software development and deployment process. The DevOps Engineer will research, test, implement, and develop solutions to help in this process. These may include test automation, continuous deployment, code quality analysis, customer feedback, etc.

Job Description


  • Work with developers, system administrators, and product owners to understand definitions and expectations for "quality" in each project as it relates to overall product as well as the process of creating and releasing the product
  • Evaluate development lifecycles and identify opportunities to apply automation and other tools to measure quality and agility. Use the data to make recommendations on ways to improve
  • Research and implement or develop the necessary tools to provide insights into metrics. For example Atlassian Bamboo with PHP_Codesniffer, or Scrutinizer-CI, or many others
  • Produce regular reports on quality metrics and changes over time
  • Create one or more wallboards / information radiators to present the reports/metrics in real time on a screen, using something like Atlassian Jira Wallboards plugin.


  • A solid understanding of web application development processes and standards, including areas such as source control management, unit testing, functional testing, database migrations, multiple environments, and release processes
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of testing environments and test automation (data fixtures, script execution, cross-browser testing, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of scripting with Bash, PHP, Python, or Ruby.

Associate or undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience in relevant software development or systems administration role.


  • 4+ years experience with software development technologies
  • 2+ years experience in software design and solutions architecture.

Training and Orientation:

In environments where a mentor can be assigned, candidates with less experience will be considered if they demonstrate a good aptitude for learning.

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DevOps Engineer
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