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Innovation Coordinator
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The Innovation Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating three areas critical to disciplined innovation in SIL: event management/facilitation, recruitment of talent and internal communications. Events are a key part of training, recruiting and communications. This person will be empowered to design and manage events supporting all areas of SIL’s innovation work. Recruiting new talent to support innovation efforts is a continual process. This person will be responsible to manage, recruit and facilitate SIL’s Innovation Advisory Group (an external group of innovation experts); as well as work alongside HR to manage the innovation recruiting pipeline of volunteers, staff and interns. Finally, internal communications is critical to educating a large organization on why a culture of innovation is critical for impact. This person will be responsible for communicating SIL’s innovation agenda to the broader organization across all institutional channels.

Job Description


The Innovation Coordinator will be successful when the SIL Innovation Agenda has momentum from dynamic events, new talent and clear communication.

Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes:

Integration: Connecting disparate things together to create meaning and utility

Gracious Tenacity: High empathy and emotional intelligence balanced with perseverance and focus.

Opportunity Mindset: Sees situations as opportunities and enjoys exploring new opportunities.

Operational: Enjoys building things, developing processes and supporting those doing this type of work.

Communicator: Able to take complex concepts and communicate them in clear and compelling ways.


Reports to the Chief Innovation Officer

Access to the innovation team, the Opportunity Network and the Innovation Advisory Group SUPERVISES (This is not a supervisory role)


**KRA #1: Event Management **This KRA will be fulfilled when you:

Design engaging events that create space for creative thinking and collaboration

Facilitate events with high quality registration, preparation, attendance and follow-up experiences

Support event attendees and speakers with high quality customer service

**KRA#2: Recruiting **This KRA will be fulfilled when you:

Provide IAG members with a community in which they can give SIL quality input

Make serving as part of the innovation function straightforward and simple

Identify new streams of people who can be a part of SIL's Innovation Agenda

**KRA#3: Project Management **This KRA will be fulfilled when you:

Develop project plans using agile methodologies which allow for significant flexibility

Implement plans within budget and within available human resources

Deliver results that allow the SIL Innovation Agenda to move forward

KRA#4: Communications This KRA will be fulfilled when you:

Find creative ways to communicate the SIL Innovation Agenda to busy staff and internal stakeholders

Develop simple ways of describing the complexity of innovation work

Connect with staff and stakeholders to build empathy that leads to better communication

KRA#5: Personal and Professional Development This KRA will be fulfilled when you:

Maintain a strong commitment to Personal and Professional Development Maintain regular spiritual disciplines.

Maintain a good physical fitness level.

Spend at least two weeks of the yearly allowed annual holiday away from the SIL work.

Regularly read books on leadership, management, cross-cultural issues, missions, Christian growth, communication, etc. and attend appropriate leadership and management training events.

Monitors progress being made towards the objectives in this PRD at least quarterly and will review them with their supervisor during their annual review.

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Innovation Coordinator
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